Friday, 2 September 2011

Plot Summary for Professional Sweetheart

Radio singer Glory Eden is publicized as the ideal of American womanhood, in order to sell the sponsor's product Ippsie-Wippsie Washcloths. In reality, Glory would like to at least sample booze, jazz, gambling, and men. When the strain of representing "purity" brings her to rebellion, the sponsor and his nutty henchmen pick her a public-relations "sweetheart" from fan mail. But they soon find that young love is not to be trifled with. Includes spicy pre-Code episodes and satirical jabs at a variety of targets. Written by Rod Crawford <>

Ginger Rogers is America's "Purity Girl of the Air" an image she does not live up to. She wants to give up the job and title but her manager selects a "professional sweetheart" for her based on her fan mail. The man selected, Norman Foster, is a hick from Kentucky but he finally tames the lady. Written by Jack McKillop <>